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Android 作品: iA Poker Sevens 撲克接龍(排七)

More poker pictures, poker styles and can customize the poker card by yourself.

最新 App 下載網址: Dropbox/iA Poker Sevens.apk

1mobile 下載網址: http://www.1mobile.tw/poker-solitaire-sevens-94713.html





iA 撲克接龍(排七)是一款撲克牌遊戲,
由 7 號牌開始向上 (8, 9, 10, J, Q, K) 或向下 (6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1) 排列,
在無法排列時, 就必須要蓋牌,

遊戲規則 :
- 蓋牌分數總和最小者為贏家。
- 贏家可以累加與所有玩家的差距數值。 (計分模式開啟)
- 贏家可以有一次透明牌的機會。
- 剛開始電腦等級較低,在你分數越來越高時,電腦等級也會越高。

遊戲特色 :
- 由你自己新建紙牌圖案。
- 提供 21 種紙牌圖案、14 種紙牌花色、6 種數字樣式、4 種點擊動畫、5 種丟牌動畫。
- 紙牌圖案、花色、數字樣式、動畫、背景 多種組合隨意搭配。
- 可以用分數解鎖紙牌圖案、花色、動畫。
- 點擊玩家,可以自訂玩家的圖案與名稱。
- 可以將系統桌面當作遊戲背景。
- 每到 12 月,會自動下雪,增加聖誕節氣氛。

【Old Name: Poker Solitaire Sevens】

【iA Poker Sevens】 is a game of poker cards,

you must put cards to sort from number seven to up (8, 9, 10, J, Q, K) or down (6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1),

if you have no card to sort, you must throw a card,

and to show grades and the winner after game over.

Rules of the game:
- The player that has the smallest lost points is the winner.
- The winner can accumulate value from other players. (Open Score Mode)
- The winner have a opportunity that you can see others' cards.
- When your score is higher, the level of the game is higher.

Feature of the game :
- You can create poker picture by yourself.
- There are twenty one card pictures, fourteen card styles, six number types, four click animations, five throw card animations.
- You can mix the card pictures, styles, number types, animations, and background.
- You can use points to unlock more card pictures, styles, animations.
- Click the player to define player's name and photo.
- The system wallpaper can be used as background of the game.
- Every December will fall snow automatically to increase the atmosphere of Christmas.




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